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Saturday April 19, 2014
Last Updated: Apr 18, 2014 03:08 AM
Now is the time for practical reflection on what really matters to you. You could well be in one of those list making moods which is a good thing, as this will help you prioritize people and things, aims and goals, thoughts and philosophies. As usual, talking things over with a trusted confidante will help you pinpoint your priorities.

Gemini Daily Horoscopes for Tomorrow

That high energy whirl you've been on is taking its toll today, so take every opportunity to protect and pamper yourself. You may feel very fragile and wish you lived alone in a lighthouse in a slower, gentler world than the one you currently inhabit. Take time out the best way you know how, but ...

Gemini Daily Horoscopes for Yesterday

If you're obliged to deal with facts and figures today, you'll most probably feel bored and restless and you'll need to double check for mistakes. Merc turns tail today, so you may find your mind drifting off into flights of fantasy. Information or activities that must be kept confidential should be treated with great care during this phase. Gathering information about the past or contact with people from your past is also a possibility that is fraught with confusion, even risk. Messages you receive at this time may be very subtle or contain hidden meanings meant only for your understanding. Follow your ...

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May 21, 1994
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