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Gemini 2013 Yearly Outlook

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Overall fortune

2013 is a year when Gemini needs to work harder than before in order to make good progress. You would need to stay firm and focused. The influence from Saturn may make you feel restrained. Try to stay calm and you will be able to overcome all the obstacles.

Gemini needs to pay attention to social relationships in 2013. Learn to communicate with people who have different personality to yours. Never try to avoid problems. Instead try to perceive them as opportunities for you to practice your skills and improve yourself.


Gemini expects to have a smooth relationship in 2013. Try to be patient and learn to develop a relationship slowly. In Spring your relationship expects to be very harmonious. For single Gemini, it is very likely that you will meet someone that you like during this period. Overall it is better for Gemini to make friends with someone first, before rushing into a relationship.

Money management

Overall Gemini enjoys a steady financial status in 2013. Be careful during the second half of the year when you invest. You may encounter obstacles and risks when you make investments. May can be a good month for investing. Try to avoid investing in July and September. Think carefully before you make any business commitments.

Academic Guidance

Gemini needs to work hard in 2013. You may find it hard to concentrate from February to April. In general during the first half of the year, Gemini expects to work harder. In summer Gemini expects to become more diligent. In autumn especially after August, you will make good progress on your study and your performance in school will improve. Try to stay focused and you will be able to perform well academically.


2013 expects to be a smooth year for Gemini. You need to spend time and take opportunities to develop yourself. Learn to observe, reflect and build up relationships with others. Learn from those who you respect. Try to develop your finance management skills. It is important to change some of your spending habits.


Gemini needs to pay more attention to aliments related to teeth, lung, bones and head. You also need to pay attention to your skin and shoulders. In May and June Gemini needs to be more careful. Overall you expect to improve your physical condition.

Strength Strength & Weakness Weakness

Strength: Flexible, intelligent, active, eloquent, versatile, talented in writing and languages, sensitive towards fashion trend

Weakness: Suspicious, changeable, impatient, unsettled, can be bad tempted and talk too much.


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