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Gemini 2014 Yearly Outlook

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Overall Fortune

2014 expects to be a changeable year for Gemini. It is important to stay steady and calm, when you face changes in your environment.


Gemini's relationship expects to stay smooth and calm in 2014, especially during the first half of the year. For Gemini in a relationship, it is a good year to consider marriage. For single Gemini, there are opportunities for you to enter into a relationship with someone who is already your friend. June is Gemini's lucky month.

Money Management

Overall Gemini enjoys a steady financial status in 2014. It is important to manage your finance carefully. Try to avoid unnecessary expenditures, especially at the middle of the year. Take your time and try not to rush into making any decisions when you encounter any financial problems.

Academic Guidance

Gemini expects to excel in 2014. After summer you are likely to make great progress on your study and your performance expects to improve a lot in the new academic year. Try to stay focused and you will be able to excel academically.


Gemini has great expectations for work in 2014. You expect to have a smooth year at work. Your serious and proactive attitude will help you achieve a lot. Try to take suggestions from your friends. Try to avoid gossips and pay attention to your social behaviours. For Gemini who looks for work in 2014, it is important to stay calm and avoid making career choices due to pressure. For Gemini at work, you are likely to be promoted in February or September. For Gemini who looks for work, you are likely to have more luck during the second half of the year.


Gemini needs to pay attention to aliments relate to bones, owing to the negative impact from Saturn. But overall Gemini's health expects to improve in 2014. You will have opportunities to experience cuisines from difference places. Gemini expects to lead a relaxed lifestyle in 2014.


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