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Gemini 2016 Yearly Outlook

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Overall Fortune

2016 expects to be a busy year for Gemini. There expects to be many affairs that you have to deal with hence it is important to take time off so that your family life is not affected. For Gemini in a business partnership, you may experience conflicts hence it is important to stay cool headed. For Gemini in an office, it is important to improve your people skills.


For single Gemini, you are likely to meet someone you like at the beginning of the year. For Gemini in a relationship, you may wish to avoid getting involved on other people’s affairs as they may affect your relationship with your partner. For married Gemini it is important to spend more time with your partner.

Money Management

Overall 2016 is not a suitable year for Gemini to make big investments. It is maybe a good idea to save other than investing. Be careful when you are in a business partnership with others. Try to avoid borrowing loans with high interest. Overall it is maybe better for Gemini not to make dramatic changes.

Academic Guidance

Gemini expects to perform outstandingly in school in 2016. You are likely to be talented on subjects such as communication and publishing. Gemini may be impatient from time to time, hence it is important to stay focused and remember not everything can be achieved overnight. Overall August, November and December are Gemini’s lucky months. Try to avoid playing games or spend too much time on dating, as they will have a negative impact on your school performance.


Gemini expects to work very hard at work in 2016. Try to be more patient as not everyone can work at the same pace as you. During the second half of the year, you may encounter frictions at work hence it is important to remain processional.


It is important for Gemini to stay cool headed and rational in 2016. Try to avoid drinking excessively. It is important to maintain a healthy diet. If you feel unwell go to see a doctor immediately. Avoid driving if you are exhausted.


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