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Gemini and Horse Personality




Gemini-Horse is self-conscious and multi-talented.

You want yourself to be perceived as calm and analytical. You always prefer to work in a field that interests you.

Gemini-Horse likes humour and enjoys attention from other people.

You are very agile.


Gemini-Horse's ideal relationship is one full of excitement and challenges.

Your ideal partner is someone who is generous, kind and has great patience.


Leo-Dog, Leo-Tiger, Aquarius-Dog, Aquarius-Tiger attract your attention.

You can get along well with Aries-Goat, Aries-Tiger, and Libra-Goat too.

You dislike competitive Sagittarius-Ox.

You are not suitable going out with Virgo-Rat, Pisces-Rat or Sagittarius-Rat


Gemini-Horse finds it hard to concentrate. Therefore you are very suitable for planning.

Work related to theatre, dance, cinema, or any other entertainment suit you well.

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