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Gemini Female Personality Traits

Born May 21~Jun 21Ruling PlanetMercury
SymbolThe TwinsElementAir
Basic TraitI ThinkClosest MetalQuicksilver
Lucky DayWednesdayQualityMutable
Lucky PlacesPlateau above the seaLucky Numbers3, 4
Lucky ColorSaffron Yellow and Azure Blue
Lucky FlowersAzaleas and Lilies
Lucky GemsTopaz, Agate and Aquamarine
Ruling GoldGreek-Hermes; Roman-Mercury
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Overall Personality Traits

A Gemini Female often has dual personality and she is more likely to be a mind wanderer.

She is a woman full of passion. In her youth, a Gemini female is reluctant to make any commitment. She enjoys freedom and enjoys a life without a commitment. However as she grows older, a Gemini female will become more gentle, mature and caring.

A Gemini woman likes to express her thoughts freely and she seems always full of life. She will make her friends forget all their troubles because she has the ability to light up the most sombre surroundings.

A Gemini Female is gentle and caring. She can always find something good in all the people she meets. She can be your best friend and will never let you down. However change is the nature of a Gemini female. It is advisable for a Gemini female to control her temper in public.

A Gemini woman is always an excellent hostess and can charm all her guest with ease. As her guest, you will be always treated with courtesy and warmth. She is always full of hopes, desires and optimism and she is more than willing to share them with you.


A Gemini female is very passionate in a relationship. She is born romantic and she never stops dreaming or imagining. To win her favour, you need to be romantic too and know how to please her.

She is independent and loyal, so in return she expects you to be the same. She can not stand those who get jealous easily. For her trust is very important in a relationship.

A Gemini woman enjoys attention from her partner. She likes to express her feelings towards you. Be understandable with her changeable nature.

A Gemini female is an individualist and she likes someone who is similar to her. She is creative as well as intellectual. Being with a Gemini female you will never need to worry running out of surprises or excitement in life.

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