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Gemini Kid Personality Traits

Born May 21~Jun 21Ruling PlanetMercury
SymbolThe TwinsElementAir
Basic TraitI ThinkClosest MetalQuicksilver
Lucky DayWednesdayQualityMutable
Lucky PlacesPlateau above the seaLucky Numbers3, 4
Lucky ColorSaffron Yellow and Azure Blue
Lucky FlowersAzaleas and Lilies
Lucky GemsTopaz, Agate and Aquamarine
Ruling GoldGreek-Hermes; Roman-Mercury
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A Gemini child likes to move about all the time. So being his/her parents you need to focus your attention on him/her all the time. He/She is naughty and playful. Try to play with him/her and build up an open and affectionate relationship with him/her.

Restricting a Gemini child is bad for his/her emotional development. A Gemini child likes to be in the open air. So as his/her parents you should always spare some time to take him/her out.

A Gemini kid is very impatient and he/she always finds it hard to sit still for long. He/She can often get distracted and therefore he/she often does more than one thing at a time. He/She is energetic, curious and very intelligent for his/her age.

A Gemini child is very good at alphabets. Playing Scrabbles with him/her is a great idea to develop his/her learning speed with words.

He/She likes to exaggerate in order to gain your attention. Do not try to punish a Gemini child when he/she is not telling the truth. Instead try to learn seeing things from a child's perspective.

Always encourage a Gemini child to express himself/herself/herself freely and to communicate with other children. He/She is eager and very impatient. He/She can interrupt you before you finish reading a story. Try to encourage his/her imagination, instead of reprimanding him/her for it.

A Gemini child generally has a short concentration time span. He/She also likes talking on the phone. He/She enjoys communicating and desires to be heard. As his/her parents, you should always try to be his/her good listener.

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